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You Can Live Free of Heart Disease

Each month Dr. Crandall’s Heart Health Report contains effective strategies for fighting heart disease. These are the same strategies that Dr. Crandall uses with his own patients — and himself.

You’ll receive information you can use immediately to help prevent and even reverse heart disease. Learn effective strategies to fight:

  • hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • high cholesterol
  • angina

Plus, Dr. Crandall will share with you information on how to live:

  • symptom free
  • drug free
  • stress free

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This is just a fraction of the potentially life-saving information you’ll receive in Dr. Crandall’s Heart Health Report.

Not Just Any Heart Doctor:
Dr. Crandall is not your typical heart doctor. He’s been on both sides of the examination table — as a heart doctor and as a heart patient.

With no family history of heart disease, and without warning, at age 48 Dr. Crandall had a massive heart attack.

To save his life, doctors performed emergency surgery and placed two stents in his heart.

And that’s when his life changed. He realized from this episode that if he wanted to continue to make a significant contribution to this world, he had to take better care of his own health, and particularly his heart.

At that moment, Dr. Crandall began his own fight with heart disease — a fight he won.

Not Just Any Newsletter:
Like many of you, Dr. Crandall knows the stresses of fighting heart disease.

He also knows the secrets to reversing it.

And the enormous relief of living a life without this debilitating disease. Dr. Crandall’s Heart Health Report is loaded cover-to-cover with the strategies he used to heal his own heart and the hearts of countless patients.

No matter if you’ve just been diagnosed with heart disease, have been battling it for years, or just want to prevent it, you’ll discover every issue of Dr. Crandall’s Heart Health Report to be an outstanding source of real-world strategies to help you live symptom free, drug free, and stress free.

Start your journey to a healthy heart today.

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Dr. Chauncey Crandall

Chauncey W. Crandall, M.D., F.A.C.C. is Chief of the Cardiac Transplant Program at the world-renowned Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. and practices interventional, vascular, and transplant cardiology. 

Dr. Crandall received his post-graduate training at Yale University School of Medicine where he also completed three years of research in the Cardiovascular Surgery Division.

Known as the “Christian physician,” Dr. Crandall has been heralded for his values and message of hope to all his heart patients.

Watch Dr. Crandall's video. Click Here.

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